Greenwood Rhythm Coalition / EPK

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The flagship operation of the Names You Can Trust label, the Coalition is produced, directed and overseen by partners Monk-One (Andrew Mason) and E’s E (Eric Banta) and incorporates an army of funky studio musicians. Their unique hybrid of Latin & Caribbean rhythms, B-Boy breaks, live instrumentation and studio wizardry have earned their numerous vinyl releases and remixes critical acclaim amongst the DJs and mass appeal on the dance floor. They’ve spread their contagious funky pedigree for the last 10 years in New York City, creating, promoting and rocking a diverse set of events such as Swing-A-Ling, Ritmo Melao & Dura that continue to go strong. Internationally, they have thrown down with collectors, selectors and party-goers in Colombia, Mexico, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Barbados. Now, as the duo works on their next round of productions for release on NYCT, they’re simultanouesly prepping to unleash a new live hardware performance, combining the lushest necessities of their studio background with the endless groove of their well-travelled DJ sets. It’s a perfect glimpse into their deep arsenal of tunes and productions.

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2007. Greenwood Rhythm Coalition EP (12”) – Names You Can Trust
2008. Salsa Verde / Pachanga Pistola (7”) ‎- Names You Can Trust
2008. Guajira ’78 / Tabaco Y Ron (7”) ‎- Names You Can Trust
2009. Hollywood Thing ‎(12″) – Names You Can Trust
2009. GRC Bailables (10”) – Nonames
2011. GRC Bailables Vol. 2 (7”) – Nonames
2010. Cumbia Kikuchi / Regresar A Cali ‎(7″) – Names You Can Trust
2012. Tracion ‎(7″) – Names You Can Trust
2012. Rise Up (10″) – Names You Can Trust
2014. Puro Rock (7”) – Names You Can Trust


2008. Greenwood Groove – Turntables On The Hudson 10 Year Anniversary (CD) – Wonderwheel Recordings
2009. Cotonou Caravan – Jazz & Milk Breaks Vol. 2 (12”) – Jazz & Milk
2012. Salsa Verde – Latin Concrete (CD) – BBE
2015. Tabaco y Ron – Chef OST Volume 2 (CD) – Milan


2008. Erykah Badu – Honey // GRC’s Jamaican Honey Rub (12″) – BSTRD Boots
2009. Alice Russell – Universe // GRC’s Quiet Carnaval Remix (CD) – Little Poppet
2009. Colman Brothers – El Nino // GRC Remix (12″) – Wah Wah 45s
2010. Los Ribereños – Silbando // GRC Remix (7″) – Electric Cowbell / Barbes
2011. Nickodemus – Conmigo // GRC Remix (12″) – Wonderwheel Recordings
2011. Superhuman Happiness – String Theory // GRC Remix (7″) – Electric Cowbell
2012. Mucca Pazza – Tube Sock Tango // GRC Remix (7″) – Electric Cowbell
2012. Kid Loco – My Daddy Waza // GRC Remix (12″) – Bastard Jazz
2016. Jagger Botchway Group – Moko Le Dzen / Take Time // GRC Remix (LP) – Cultures Of Soul

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