NYCTrust Radio No. 1

Swing-A-Ling: Caribbean Style – Mixed by E’s E

Featuring Live Percussion by Amon Drum

1. Barbados Brothers “9th Avenue”
2. Wild Fire “Check It Out (Bonus Beats Version)”
3. Penguin “Walking Proud (MLB OG Edit)”
4. Prince Charles “Keep On Doing It”
5. Solid 7 Combo “Sing A Simple Song”
6. Jean Mannix “Booma”
7. Equals “Funky Like A Train”
8. Visionaires “The World’s On Fire”
9. Memory Of Justice Band “Give Me Love”
10. Mister Shaw “Groovy”
11. High Commission “Afro Rock”
12. Duke “Freedom In Africa (MLB OG Dub)”
13. Funky Rainbow “What I Want”
14. Alex & The Soul Messengers “Hail To Guyana”
15. Boris Gardiner “Melting Pot”
16. Biosis Now “Indy Bahamas”
17. Eddie Gross “Message To The People”